Online Chemistry Tutor for Class 11 & 12th

Are you looking for an online chemistry tutor to help your child excel in class 11 and 12th? The Indian education system is known to be highly competitive, and having a personal tutor can give your child the edge they need to reach their academic goals. 

Online Chemistry Tutor

With the advent of technology, finding the right tutor has become much easier. In this article, we will discuss how to evaluate options and choose the best online chemistry tutor for class 11 and 12th in India.

Online Chemistry Tutor

A Good Option: Are you looking for an experienced tutor who can help you reach your academic goals? Look no further than Doctor MS Khan. 

His online tuition services provide personalised, one-on-one instruction to students of all levels and backgrounds. 

With Doctor Khan’s guidance, you can improve your grades, develop confidence in your studies, and gain the skills necessary for success in school and beyond.

Is online tuition a better option?

Online tuition is a better option according to the demand of the time. In the current situation, your home Tutors may not come. Or it may be that you do not want to call your home yourself.

In such a situation, online tuition is the best option for you. The best thing about online tuition is that you can study from any teacher anywhere in the world, not only in India.

The second best thing is that according to your time you can take an online class at any time. In this way you can use your time very well.

Online Tuition for Class 11 & 12th

Are you worried about the future of your child’s education? Look no further than Dr. MS Khan best edtech! Our online tuition for Class 11 & 12th gives children the one-on-one attention they need to maximise their educational potential and succeed in the entrance exams. 

With our personalised teaching methods, we provide a structured approach that guarantees results. He covers all aspects of CBSE textbooks, as well as preparing students for various competitive examinations such as government exams and entrance tests.

With courses crafted by experienced professionals and industry experts, Dr. MS Khan, Best Edtech offers an innovative approach to teaching that can help students excel in their examinations, including entrance exams, government exams and several other competitive tests.

Why is Dr. MS Khan’s online class

Dr. MS Khan’s online class is considered the best because of its detailed and personalised approach to learning. The use of two cameras means that students get a more comprehensive view of what is being taught, enabling them to better understand the material. 

Additionally, handwritten notes are transferred directly to students during the lecture which further reinforces understanding- allowing them to clarify any doubts in real time.

General Pen paper makes perfect sense to students looking for a comprehensive, convenient learning experience. With Dr. MS Khan’s online class, students gain access to an interactive platform designed to increase student engagement and productivity. 

Equipped with high quality mic and headphones for crystal clear sound quality, this online course provides interactive lectures with easy-to-follow instructions that enable the absorption of complex concepts without any difficulty.

India’s Fastest Growing Online Chemistry Tutoring 

India’s Fastest Growing Online Chemistry Tutoring is quickly becoming the go-to choice for students all across India. 

With an ever-increasing demand for quality chemistry education, online tutoring platforms are providing a convenient and cost-effective way to learn the subject. 

The tutors on these platforms are experienced professionals with years of experience and knowledge in the field of chemistry. They provide students with personalised instruction and advice so they can understand concepts better and develop their skills further. 

The growth of India’s Fastest Growing Online Chemistry Tutoring has been exponential in recent years, due to its convenience and affordability. 

Students can access top-notch tutors from any part of the country at any time, without having to worry about travelling or expensive fees. These platforms also offer personalised learning plans which enable students to focus on specific topics in a systematic manner.

Rock Your Chem Class from Home with a Digital Tutor

Chemistry can be one of the most challenging subjects to learn, especially when you’re studying from home. But with a digital tutor, you can take your chemistry class to the next level and become a real rockstar of chemistry! 

A digital tutor provides personalised assistance and instruction that goes beyond traditional textbooks and lectures; they provide instant feedback on topics like acid-base reactions, periodic trends, redox titrations, and more. 

By engaging with interactive activities and quizzes, students can quickly master difficult concepts while learning at their own pace.

Not only does a digital tutor help make chemistry easier to understand – it also helps keep students motivated by providing rewards for successful assignments or tests. 

Additionally, tutors offer individualised guidance that caters to each student’s specific needs; tutors can break down complex concepts into smaller chunks so that understanding becomes easier.

Enhance Your Knowledge of Chemistry with An Expert From India”

Chemistry is a complex and fascinating subject, but it can often feel overwhelming. To get the most out of your learning experience and gain an understanding of the fundamentals, consider working with an expert in chemistry from India. 

Working with an experienced professional who specialises in chemistry can help you develop your skills to a greater degree and really understand key concepts.

Indian experts have a lot to offer when it comes to understanding chemistry. They are passionate about the subject and use their knowledge to provide helpful advice and guidance on how to effectively learn about this dynamic field of science. 

An Indian expert will also be able to explain chemical equations in detail as well as provide resources for furthering one’s education on specific topics within chemistry. 

Furthermore, they will be able to answer any questions that come up during your studies, giving you valuable insight into this complex field of study.

Online Platforms Make Chemistry Education Easier Than Ever

In the world of education, technology is becoming increasingly important. Online platforms are revolutionising the way that students learn and understand complex topics like chemistry. With easy-to-use tools and intuitive features, online platforms make chemistry education easier than ever before. 

Today’s online platforms offer a wide range of resources for students to explore, from interactive simulations to tutorial videos. 

These can be used as part of coursework or for independent study purposes. For example, virtual labs allow students to run experiments at home using their own equipment and materials. 

This takes away the need for expensive laboratory set–ups in schools and universities, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to learn chemistry today! 

In addition to that, these platforms often provide detailed feedback on student performance which can help them identify areas where they may need more focus or guidance from teachers or mentors.

“Discover the Joys of Solving Chemistry Problems with a Trained Expert”

Are you having difficulty with chemistry problems? Are you overwhelmed and struggling to understand the concepts? A trained expert can help! 

Dr. MS Khan is one such knowledgeable individual who can provide guidance in solving chemistry problems. With over 20 years of experience in the field of science, Dr. Khan has the expertise required to break down complex topics and explain them in a way that brings clarity and understanding. 

Dr. Khan understands the importance of working at an individual’s pace and providing detailed explanations for every step taken during problem-solving sessions, thus allowing students to gain a comprehensive understanding of their course material. 

He provides invaluable assistance by explaining difficult chemistry principles with examples tailored to each student’s level, enabling them to develop confidence in their own ability. He also offers personalised feedback following each session, so that students are able to monitor their progress throughout the learning process.

“Dr. MS Khan: Chemistry Tutoring’s Most Professional Guru”

Dr. MS Khan is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after professionals in chemistry tutoring.

With a long history of teaching, Dr. Khan started his journey at Delhi Public School New Delhi and has since taken on a variety of roles in the field of education, including an executive position with Aakash Coaching Institute New Delhi. 

Throughout his career, Dr. Khan has developed an impressive track record for helping students excel in their studies, especially when it comes to mastering chemistry concepts. 

His passion for teaching and mentoring shines through every lesson with an emphasis on developing long-term understanding instead of merely providing quick fixes or memorization tricks. 

This approach makes him stand out among other tutors and coaches alike who are more focused on short-term success than real academic progress. 

Online Chemistry Tuition Pros & Cons


  • Access to tutors from around the world.
  • Flexible scheduling and convenient location.
  • Affordable tuition fees.
  • Ability to learn topics at your own pace.
  • Access to online resources such as chat rooms, video lectures, and practice tests.


  • Lack of physical interaction with the tutor. 
  • Difficulty in gauging the level of understanding due to lack of physical presence in class. 
  • Potential technical issues such as internet connection or audio-visual problems during classes.
  • Limited access to laboratory equipment and experiments which are usually done in person during regular classes in school or colleges.


How to contact doctor MS Khan?

It is very easy to contact Doctor MS Khan. You can fix an appointment for the class by calling this phone number. 9958581056.

What is the educational qualification of Dr. MS Khan and how many experiences he holds.

Doctor MS Khan has done MSc M.Ed and Ph.D. He has an experience of teaching for about 15 years. He started his teaching career with DPS RK Puram. After that, he also worked as a faculty in the prestigious Akash coaching for 3 years.

Doctor MS Khan sir’s PhD, has been completed, you are given more time to research. His interest in tuition is still intact, so whatever extra time he gets. He likes to read students.

To which board student does Khan sir teach?

Khan sir mainly gives tuition classes to the students of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE And IB. He also makes MBBS student Biochemistry. Khan sir’s PhD is in the field of biochemistry.

What resources should a student have to take an online class?

If you have a smartphone to take an online class. If there is high speed internet with it, then online class can be easily taken. High speed internet means that if you have mobile data 4G, then you will be able to take an online class easily.

You have to download a mobile application called zoom or Skype in your smartphone.

Apart from this, whatever Dr. Khan will send to your study material, you can see and write in your notebook. Another option is that if you have a printer, then you can print it out and read it.

What to do to join chemistry online tuition class?

In order to participate in the online chemistry tuition class, interested individuals should contact Dr. MS Khan directly by calling the designated number at 9958581056. 

This will provide an opportunity to discuss the available options and determine if joining the class is a suitable option. Once eligibility has been established, it is then possible to engage in the necessary steps for enrollment into the course.

What is the tuition fee for Chemistry online class?

The tuition fee for the online Chemistry class conducted by Dr MS Khan is ₹ 500  per hour. This cost is to be borne by the student taking the course, as it is a fee-based program.

The fee structure has been devised to reflect the quality of instruction provided and the effort expended in delivering such an intensive educational experience. 

It is important to note that this tuition rate includes access to all learning materials and resources made available to students during the duration of the course.

Do I have to pay in advance for online classes?

Indeed, one must pay in advance for online classes, Dr. MS Khan. This is a necessary prerequisite for enrollment in such classes, as it serves to ensure that the required fees are paid in a timely manner. 

Furthermore, the payment of five class fees in advance allows the educational institution to budget and plan adequately for the provision of services to their students.

Who Should Take Chemistry Online Tuition?

Chemistry is a subject that requires in depth understanding of the principles and concepts, as well as an analytical approach to problem solving. 

Therefore, it is generally recommended that those who wish to take Chemistry online tuition should possess strong foundational knowledge and be equipped with the necessary cognitive skills to comprehend the material effectively. 

Furthermore, individuals who are willing to engage in a rigorous study program and dedicate sufficient time for practice and repetition would greatly benefit from taking Chemistry online tuition.

Who is the best chemistry online tutor in India?

Dr. MS Khan is a highly regarded and accomplished individual in the domain of Chemistry, both online and offline. 

He has an exemplary record in terms of his expertise and proficiency in the field, which has been well recognized by the academic community. 

His presence on online has enabled him to become one of the most respected voices in Chemistry-related matters in India. 

By leveraging his knowledge and experience, he consistently provides clear, concise and authoritative insights into the various complexities of this subject area.

Dr. MS Khan is a Famous & Highly Experienced Online Chemistry teacher in Delhi. You have reached the right place and your search ends here.

Conclusion Points 

In conclusion,Dr. MS Khan is a top choice for those seeking online chemistry tutoring for classes 11 and 12 in India. His expertise in the field of chemistry, combined with his attention to detail, makes him an ideal choice for students looking to excel in their studies. 

Moreover, his flexible availability and patient approach ensure that all students are able to learn effectively at their own pace. Overall, Dr. MS Khan is an excellent choice for anyone looking for comprehensive chemistry tutoring services.

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