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Dr. MS Khan 

  • Qualifications – M.Sc, M.Ed And PhD & 20 Yrs Exp
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Online Chemistry, Biology & Science Home Tutor New Delhi

A Brief View

  • Chemistry – Class 11th & 12th And NEET & IIT-JEE 
  • Biology  – Class 11th & 12th And NEET Exam etc.
  • Science – 9th & 10th & Advance For Competition

Chemistry Home Tutor is the leading provider of quality tutoring to students of Chemistry in South Delhi.

Basic education is the building blocks of one’s life and career. With schools teaching a lot of different subjects, they introduce us to a variety of things in which we may build a career later in life.

Having said that, it is immensely important to get those basics absolutely clear so that it’s easier to understand the topic and the concept on the whole.

Sciences are one of the major subjects which are a part of a school’s curriculum. With Chemistry being one of the most sought after subjects, it is important that one has a strong grasp on the concepts. And for that, here we are: Chemistry Home Tutor!

To solve all your doubts and confusion regarding chemistry concepts, Chemistry Home Tutor helps you right at your house. From acing your school tests to scoring well in the final exams, Chemistry Home Tutor helps students get the best results.

Science Home Tutor For School Exams

Covering all important concepts: Teaching students from classes 9th to 12th, we have expertise in covering concepts that are of major importance in any students’ curriculum.

Starting from the basics to covering the trickiest portions, we help you solve the issues in a systematic manner.

Technique: Keeping the student interested, we use various practical methods to teach them the particular concepts.

Preparing for school tests and final exams: We help students prepare for examinations in a simpler manner. Mock tests are planned covering every topic possible, so that the student scores well.

Best Chemistry Tutor For IIT-JEE & NEET In South Delhi 

Competitive examinations are a leeway to a brighter future and a career. With IIt-JEE being said to be the toughest examinations one can ever face, it is important to prepare for it in the best manner possible.

We offer the best chemistry teacher for IIT-JEE, we help you solve the trickiest of questions and clear all your concepts.

Planned Preparation: Since IIT-JEE is a competitive exam, it is important to plan the preparation right from the beginning. The home tutor helps you plan the preparation and takes you along with it in the most effective manner.

Mock Test: Chapter-wise and course-wise mock tests and practice papers.

Notes Preparation: The tutors stress on preparation of notes for easy revision and learning. If you are looking to ace the subject, get in touch with a chemistry home tutor in Delhi.

They will help you in the basic concepts and prepare you for all the tests ahead. They are one of the best chemistry tutors in South Delhi. 

Ultimate Teaching Plans Of Dr. MS Khan 

Know why Dr MS Khan Considered an excellent Tutor in India. Go through his unique teaching methodology. 

He uses unique teaching techniques like Sets goals for School Exam / Board Exam / Competition / Entrance Exam / Scientific thinking for daily life style).

  • Assimilates the past concepts.
  • Explains the topic based on past concepts.
  • Deeper conceptual understanding of topics.
  • Brainstorming and creating new ideas for each student.
  • Uses tricks & techniques to remember the concepts for individual students.
  • Makes very good unit wise notes for all subjects.
  • Makes new methods & plans for solving questions.
  • Develops perfect answer solving skills and generates higher answer writing power.
  • Uses the latest & shortest way to revise all the topics (fastest and efficiently).
  • Uses reading plans for NCERT, reference books and school /college notes.
  • Develops high order thinking skills and try to erase negative thinking of students.
  • Take a unique test and share feedback with parents.
  • Finally does the analysis of the answer-sheet and results.

Advantages of Online Class Over Home Tuition 

Online Tuition – Feel Live! Students are not going to go for coaching and there is no time for commuting. Children are not getting tired from online classes and children are able to study at home. 

Children can read comfortably in privacy. When you are in the mood, when you want, you can download the class and watch it according to your schedule.

Children stay in front of their parents the whole time and it is beneficial from the point of view of security as well, while the parents are also aware of the problem that children face in studying. 

Conclusion Points 

Online tuition is cheaper than home tuition. It is often seen that home tutors arrive at your home late. Which wastes your children’s time.

But in an online class you can adjust or postpone the class time according to you.

Online tuition is cheaper than home tuition. It is often seen that home tutors arrive at your home late. Which wastes your children’s time.

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