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How to Get Good Marks in 9th, 10th and 12th board exams

How To Earn Full Marks? Easy Steps to Get full Marks in Chemistry Exam!

Preparation of Chemistry exam

Don’t study long time only one subject. Make good notes for each subject. Use shortcuts and tricks to memories. If any problem, must ask your teachers.Concentrate on a particular topic and don’t think other topics at the same time. Make plan to complete your syllabus, revision and re-revision before your exam starts.

Before exam day

Sleep appropriately and take complete rest.If possible, don’t eat anything before exam. Don’t waste your time on computer or smart phones. Avoid fears and don’t remember your previous results.Collect each and every things required for your exam.

At the Examination hall /place

Concentrate on your exam only and don’t think anything else. Avoid fear and tension, be happy and cool down your mood. At first solve all easy questions to accelerate the brain. Handwriting should be clear and under line the key words.Avoid grammatical errors.Use diagrams, flowcharts & paragraph /points, etc . Balance and sequence the answers. Focus only on quality answers not the quantity of answers.

The Time Management – Always apply the formula: Total Time Divided by Total Marks i.e. Time per Marks. At last check and rechecked all the answers.

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